Moving While Having Solar

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Moving while having solar installed on your home can present a unique set of challenges. However, with proper planning and coordination, you can smoothly navigate the process while preserving the benefits of renewable energy. In this blog post, we will explore the step-by-step process of moving with solar panels, addressing considerations from installation to adapting your solar system to your new home.

Assessing the Value of Your Solar System

Before you begin planning your move, it’s essential to evaluate the value and efficiency of your current solar system. Consider factors such as the age of your panels, their condition, and the potential savings they offer. If your system is relatively new and in good shape, moving it to your new home may be a wise investment. Conversely, if your solar panels are approaching the end of their lifespan, it may be more cost-effective to leave them behind and install a new system at your new residence.

Contact Your Solar Installation Company

Once you’ve assessed the viability of your existing solar system, reach out to your solar installation company. They will be your greatest resource throughout the moving process, providing guidance and support. Schedule a consultation with them to discuss your plans, ensuring they are aware of your intent to move and can offer advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

Moving Considerations

When moving, you need to take both physical and logistical factors into account. Here are the key points to consider during this phase:

Roof Assessment: Have a professional assess your new home’s roof for its solar suitability. They will evaluate factors such as orientation, shading, and structural integrity. If the roof is suitable, the next step will involve reinstalling the solar panels from your previous home. Otherwise, explore alternative solutions, such as ground-mounted systems or community solar programs.

Permitting and Rebates: If you are moving to a different jurisdiction, find out the local requirements and regulations for solar installations. Additionally, check if you are eligible for rebates or incentives in your new area that may offset the installation costs.

Timing: Coordinate the timing of your move with the solar installation process. Ideally, you want to have your solar system installed and operational before you move in. This way, you can start taking advantage of solar energy from day one.

System Removal and Installation

Panel Removal: Your solar installation company will begin by carefully removing the solar panels from your current home. Their expertise ensures that the panels are disassembled safely and efficiently, minimizing any risk of damage during the process.

Transport and Storage: Once removed, the panels will need to be safely transported and stored until they can be reinstalled at your new location. Your solar company should handle this step, ensuring the panels are securely stored and protected from any potential harm.

New Installation: With your solar panels safely transported, the installation process can begin at your new home. Your solar company’s technicians will place and secure the panels on your roof. This process may require minor adjustments to accommodate the new roof’s specific structure.

Electrical Connection: Once the panels are securely installed and aligned, the solar company will connect them to your home’s electrical system. This includes mounting inverters and other necessary equipment, ensuring that your solar system is fully integrated into your new property.

Update Utility and Incentive Programs

With your solar system installed and operational, you’ll need to update your utility and incentive programs to reflect your new circumstances. Notify your utility company about your solar transfer, as they will need to adjust your billing and metering accordingly. Similarly, update any relevant incentive programs to ensure you continue to receive available credits or payments.

Educate Yourself on New Policies and Programs

Moving also provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with any new policies or programs available in your new location. Investigate local solar incentives, tax credits, and financing options that may be different from your previous residence. By staying informed, you can continue maximizing your solar benefits in your new home.


Moving while having solar panels installed on your home requires careful planning and coordination. Working closely with your solar installation company and considering various factors such as roof assessment, timing, local regulations, and utility updates will help you navigate the process smoothly. By taking these steps, you can continue enjoying the benefits of renewable energy in your new residence.

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